Thursday, November 01, 2012


From Ars Technica:


Use a program such as Password Safe orLastPass to generate and store all your passwords, and make sure they are protected by a master password that's truly strong, unique, and memorable.
Use this password management app to randomly generate passcodes that are a minimum of 13 characters. If you won't be typing the password into a smartphone or other device with a limited keyboard, make sure each password has symbols. Otherwise, a mix of lower-case letters, capital letters, and numbers will suffice.
Generate a unique password for every account that contains any personally identifying information about you.
Change your password at least once every six months, and more often for your most sensitive accounts or after you've used a network you don't trust. Change your password immediately if you learn the site it's used to access has been breached.
When signing in to websites, try to use a login URL that begins with "https."